Next Talk: Closure Tables

By Alisdair McDiarmid.
1pm Tuesday 30th September @ Ad Lib

There are several ways to represent hierarchical structures in a flat relational database. One way to do this is using a concept from set theory called transitive closures. This method is fairly easy to understand, very efficient to query and update, and provides referential integrity.

This talk will briefly explain transitive closures, then describe how to store and access a tree using a closure table in an SQL database.

When: 1pm Tuesday 30th September
Venue: Ad Lib, 33 Ingram St Glasgow, G1 1HA.


  1. Turn up at the pre-arranged venue
  2. Chant the society motto (optional step)
  3. Order food & drinks. Precondition: |forks| ≥ |people|
  4. Whilst awaiting food, one person presents a topic or paper from any field of computing science
  5. Eat food and discuss said topic

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Must the topics discussed originate from literally dead programmers?
No, we're just future-proofing.
Why a lunchtime meet? Seems a bit tame - didn't the Dead Poets meet in a cave?
We wanted to make the meetings accessible to as wide an audience as possible; a lunchtime meetup is convenient for a) people with kids, b) anyone too young to go to a pub in the evening and c) commuters. That said, if you have a suitable cave handy I'm sure we could organise something.
How can I suggest a topic?
Please the Github issue tracker on the deadcoders/meetings repository. You can find it here.


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